And the winner is

We had a draw for this picture at the Calgary Home and Garden Show. Congratulations to the winner Tracey Garrett!   ranch-8296-wThis image is from the Glenbow Ranch series and is available in variety of sizes and finishes. See more the series here.

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Calgary Home and Garden Show

Whew. The Calgary Home and Garden Show wrapped up on Sunday and I’m finishing deliveries today of pieces sold. Great turnout even after the snowfall we got on Sunday.

calgary-home-show-8289Interesting reaction to the large (almost 4’x4′) old car picture “Parked”.  It seemed to be a magnet for a lot of people coming in – partially due to the size and the fact that it was printed direct to aluminum and then finished with a high gloss  clear coat. This is a limited edition and the piece on exhibit did sell.  When someone looked at that picture I also showed them the sample I had of the image without the clearcoat that shows more of the brushed aluminum and glint of metal. The crowd was pretty much evenly divided as to which they preferred.  I will be doing up another one in the edition but without the clear coat for the next show.

calgary -home-show-8288-w

We went with a double sized booth this time which allowed us to show larger pieces.

Variety of photographic images on acrylic, birch, bamboo and fine art paper.

Variety of photographic images on acrylic, birch, bamboo and fine art paper.


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Art on birch panels

Bring a little nature indoors with new artwork printed direct to birch panels. We will have these new pieces on display at the Calgary Home and Garden Show starting February 28th and running to March 3. Stop by  booth 1313 (lucky double 13?) to see these pictures as well as more on bamboo and aluminum. birch-w-8280bbirch-w-8275birch-w-8269

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Stories behind the pictures – Parked


Parked-storyLong forgotten, a  ’39 Chevy sits in tire high grass behind a row of old, intertwined trees, planted around the time this car came out.

It comes from the days long before recycling. This car, once past its driving years was parked; permanently.

But it is not gone. No such thing as planned obsolescence back then, the wreck refuses to yield to the elements. In fact, the elements have seemed to embrace it. The long grass that grows wild behind the trees sprouts in and around the car and, by fall, reaches up to caress it in the breeze.  The weathered exterior has evolved to rustic blues and oranges – the same hues as the sunset sky.

Details: Limited edition. Available on fine art paper or brushed aluminum with or without high gloss finish.
Sizes: 44”x 44”,  30”x 30”and 20”x 20”
Artist: Angela Waite
Specs: “Parked” was taken, appropriately enough, with an older Mamiya C330 medium format film camera, at sunset in Southwest Saskatchewan. A print was scanned and two images (one in focus, one slightly blurred) were layered together to create the final image.
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New products at Home and Garden Show

Environmentally responsible artworks on bamboo & aluminum

Calgary, AB, February 18, 2013 —  WaiteWoodbeck Imagery & Design is introducing new images and products at the 2013 Calgary Home and Garden Show.pr_pictures

Award-winning artist Angela Waite and digital imaging specialist Mark Woodbeck, produce photographic fine art with a twist. Using motion blur, compositions, or multiple exposures, the images caused attendees at the 2012 Calgary Home and Design Show to do a double take, wondering if the pictures were paintings or photographs. Some pictures are a bit of both.

The printing methods aren’t typical either.  Printing direct to bamboo panels and brushed aluminum produces two very different looks, from the warm, sustainable appeal of bamboo to the edgy sheen of metal.

For 2013, new additions include boxed birch panels and unveiling reclaimed wood frames with sweeping curves at the show.

“The goal is to create ethereal and interesting images and then finish them in unordinary ways for an awe inspiring final piece – something that people haven’t seen before and would love to hang on their wall,” explains Angela.

Their booth at the Calgary Home and Garden Show, running from February 28 to March 3, is #1313.

About WaiteWoodbeck Imagery & Design
WaiteWoodbeck create custom artworks for commercial spaces and homes.  Clients can choose the medium of their choice for a picture from the galleries of limited or open editions. The duo also offers commissions for one-of-a­­-kind art.

Angela Waite
WaiteWoodbeck Imagery & Design Inc
403 681.2001

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Nature's Valentine

heart shaped grass leaves Walking the dogs the other day and I caught a glimpse of this stalk of grass in the snow. Heart shaped grass.

So I came back with the camera and while other dog walkers wondered what the heck I was doing with my body prone in the snow, I took this.

Happy Valentine’s.

[blockquote align=”center” style=”style1″ cite=”Henry David Thoreau”]It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see. [/blockquote]

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Winter (maybe) can be Beautiful

Winter at Vermilion lakesI’m not much for shooting out in the cold. But if you live in Canada what can you do but head for the mountains and embrace the snow? You have to look for the cool in the cold.

These images were taken in Banff Alberta one chilly, misty afternoon.

And surprisingly, when I look back at these, maybe winter can be beawinter_mountain-7072-abstractutiful.

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Bamboo panels

This is the most eco-friendly product in the gallery. Here’s the reasons why:

Prairie Trees1. Sustainable. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. So much so that the board we use  contributes to LEED® v3 certification under MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials.

2. Looks cool.  The interesting grain and edges means you don’t have to cover this up with a frame. Plus we can print direct to the board for a seamless look or mount fine art  paper to it.

3. Panda Friendly. There are over 1000 species of bamboo. This is  moso (Phyllostachys pubescens) which isn’t  eaten by pandas because this fast growing species’ leaves are too high for pandas to reach.

4. Variety.  The images shown here were printed direct to the natural colour but it also available in a rich carmelized brown. We have used 3/4″ thickness but the 1/2″ is an option for larger images (to keep the weight down).

5. Durable. When harvested at 5-6 years of age, the dense fibres create a stronger board than oak. It is naturally resistant to moisture, mold and termites.




At the trough


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Brushed Aluminum

The material used is a composite of two layers of aluminum with a polyethylene core – making it light and durable. It prints very well and stays flat but most interestingly the brushed texture provides dimension to the image (see close-ups below) . The edges can be boxed with no need for a frame.

Sunrise at Vermilion Lakes


close-up detail of the brushed aluminum and texture it provides.

close-up detail of the brushed aluminum and texture it provides.

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Fine Art Paper

There are a lot of fine art papers on the market with different finishes, compositions and thicknesses. Our first choice is Photo Rag® made from 100% cotton waste from the textile industry. It is also favorite of fine art photographers because of the fine, smooth surface that produces impressive depth of colour.

Image of mule deer printed on bamboo fine art paper and mounted to birch panel

Image of mule deer printed on bamboo fine art paper and mounted to birch panel and protected with a beeswax coating.

I have also used Hahmuhuel fine art bamboo paper that has a bit warmer tone for rich colours.

Fine art paper mounted to bamboo panel.

Fine art paper mounted to bamboo panel.

Bamboo fine art paper mounted to birch panel, finished with wax coating.

Bamboo fine art paper mounted to birch panel, finished with wax coating.

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